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Don’t Accept a Fitness Setback This Holiday Season

Year after year, we let our health go throughout the holiday season, and by New Year’s, have a list of problems we need to fix.

Clients come to me in January feeling frazzled and out of shape, wish lists of health-related New Year’s resolutions in their pockets.

holiday party

This year, how about starting a new winter tradition? How about committing to placing wellness among your top priorities, starting right this moment, so you don’t have to do damage control later?

Did you just moan, thinking, “But that takes all the fun out of the holidays!”? It doesn’t have to. By fine-tuning our thinking about this time of year, planning ahead, committing to making good choices, and employing smart exercise methods, we can take responsibility for our own, enjoy the winter months, and enter the New Year feeling fantastic.

What makes this time of year such a pitfall for so many? Beginning with football parties and fall festivals, revving up with the Halloween candy haul, exploding with Thanksgiving and the onset of the winter holiday parties and family gatherings, finally ending with a New Year’s extravaganza, the entire season, for many, revolves around decadent food. The mindset has become one of treating ourselves and others, and ultimately over-indulgence. Meanwhile, all these activities leave us too busy to fit in our normal exercise routine–we’re lucky if we miss just a few workouts. Many end up on an extended vacation from their fitness routines.

I’m going to share some tips over the next few months to help yougear up and commit to health, ideas to help you devise a game plan, and practical information to help squeeze in an effective workout, even if you don’t have much time. Today we’ll start out with “getting your mind right”.

Adjust your Mindset. Don’t accept a setback this season! This is the time of year when many fall into the “I won’t worry about it now, I’ll fix it in January” trap. Get your mind in gear for maintaining, or even improving, your fitness level throughout the holidays this year, starting right now.

  • Set some new goals. Consider signing up for a holiday 5K, or commit to an event in the early spring such as a triathlon, fitness competition or a beach vacation.
  • Create accountability for yourself by scheduling with a workout buddy or personal trainer.
  • Find a new love. Sign up for a fitness class or sport that you’ve never tried, like Kickboxing, Spinning, Bootcamp, Pilates or Yoga, tennis or golf. Check your community centers and colleges for low-cost introductory classes.
  • Schedule a session with a personal trainer for new inspiration. Most trainers even offer express sessions if your schedule is packed.

Remember, make sure your goals focus on your fitness and not your figure.

Jill Stoppel has been involved in the fitness industry since 2009 and has been personal training full-time since 2002. She is the sole owner of Excel Wellness Studio, is certified through the American Council of Exercise and holds several certifications in group exercise, spinning and kickboxing. She also maintains memberships, affiliations and mentorships within the major health and fitness organizations in the nation to stay connected to other top professionals. She and her team offer fitness advice to Kansas Citians exclusively for Good Health KC magazine online.