The Style Guru: How to be “you-nique”

I’m taking a quick break this week from specific fashion advice to talk about the most important style component: you.

Do you ever wander about town window shopping just because? 

It’s time to share how to meditate into your best wardrobe season yet!

Recently, I took on one of my most favorite yoga classes. Unlike no other, my spiritual leader guided the class through an hour of setting our intentions toward aligning our chakras, or our “inner light.” We devoted the hour to postures and positive affirmations. Why? Because, “I am who I am, and that’s alright.”

Who are you? Really… Do you find you often conform to the expectations or practices of those around you? Yes, inspiration and influence are amazing tools to take on in life, but are you taking them on too strongly? Do you incorporate them into your life too much that you slowly lose your inner truth?

How can your truth, your being, be exuded for all to see? The answer is easy. Discover a passion and let it lead your way to eternal bliss and creativity. I tend to lead with my heart as opposed to my head. My heart speaks in color. Bright hues and lustrous garments scream to me, “THIS IS YOU!” Color creates happiness in my heart and balance in my everyday life. When I am content, I am able to go throughout my day at full potential. Once I’ve realized that I’m not my sisters, not my mother nor my father nor friend or even the corporate executive that works demanding hours with amazing pay…That is when I start to unveil my very own brilliance. 

YOU, your ‘true self’, transpires from within. Remember this, practice this, honor this.

I am who I am, and that’s alright…


Need recommendations as to how you too can transpire from within? Feel free to contact me, your style guru!


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xoxo Katherine

 Katherine Brown is the owner of Chanari, a personal-styling and life-coaching company. She received her professional degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Her style inspirations include the spunk of Audrey Hepburn, the classic chicness of Jackie O., and the flair to be daring of Sarah Jessica Parker. She lets KC Magazine readers shop her wisdom in the exclusive “Style Guru” blog.