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Entertaining Made Lovely: Fabulously Frugal Fall Decor

Fall is almost here…and it’s my favorite time of the year! Lately I have been eager to start slowly turning my home decor over for fall and figured that my table decor was my first to-do. My preference is to decorate for each season with items that I already have on hand (a.k.a. scrounge up from the depths of our house). I am happy to report that this project cost me less than $10 total because I had 95 percent of the items on hand. It also took me less than 30 minutes from start to finish. If you had to go and purchase the items, this project would probably still only run you about $20. Woot!
I spent my $10 on a large fall flower bouquet from my grocery store, but for a more unique floral selection I recommend checking out FiddlyFig or Studio Dan Meiners in the KC area.
What you will need:
+ Wood (the more aged the better, but any wood will do). 
   I used (2) 4-foot-tall fence pickets (stacked), which fit our table perfectly. You can try a 2-by-4 or 4-by-4 and just cut down to about 75 percent of the length of the table. 
   The possibilities are endless.
+ Wood stain in your desired shade – or you may opt for a natural wood look
+ 4 small candle glass votives – preferably orange or golden-tinted for warmth
+ 3 medium sized candle votives (to hold the flowers)
+ 4 tea light candles
+ Burlap material (1-3 yards, depending if you want to use it for the table runner as well)
+ Scissors
+ Hot glue gun or roller glue
+ 3-4 bamboo placemats, extra burlap material or simple fall-colored fabric
+ Fall-colored napkins and placemats if you wish. We got ours as wedding gifts. (Thanks Aunt Lora and Aunt Paige!)
1. Gather your materials. Cut your burlap to the desired size to fit your medium-sized glass votives.
2. Hot-glue or roller-glue the burlap to the medium-sized votives, pulling tightly as you work your way around the candle holder.
(I roller-glued because I have temporarily misplaced my hot glue gun…I recommend hot glue over roller glue, FYI!)
3. Stain your wood following the directions on the stain packaging. You may want to keep the wood natural-looking.
4. Set up your runner or remaining burlap fabric down the length of the table, and place your wood on top. Then, stagger the smaller votive candleholders and flowers down the length of the wood alternating them.
5. To take the burlap look even further, you can cut small strips of the excess material and tie your napkins together instead of using a napkin ring.

There you have it…a simple yet beautiful fall table. Enjoy!



 Audrey Kuether is the creative force behind Oh So Lovely, a Kansas City-based graphic design, photography and event planning company. She specializes in wedding design, photography and styling and planning. She lends her entertaining expertise every month for KC Magazine‘s Web-only “Entertaining Made Lovely” blog.