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Diagnosis: Hope

Low Dose NaltrexoneImage via planetthrive

As a natural-health and healing neophyte, I found myself increasingly engrossed–and, yeah, definitely a little obsessed–with the amount of information I could find online about other people’s journeys through their own health crises. Thousands upon thousands of people, and just as many “mystery diagnoses.” I was just another one… or, was I? 

As time wore on and I was blessed by the benefits of acupuncturists, reikki practitioners and a few extraordinary naturopaths, symptoms did continue to appear, but, like magic, would disappear completely–atypical of treated relapsing-remitting MS. 

Rather than render my immune system suppressed, as most traditional MS treatments today do (working under the presumption that MS is a function of an overactive immune system), my visits with holistic practitioners worked to strengthen my immune system and render it ready to fight, instead. 

One late night, unable to sleep and in the throes of an especially terrible bout with optic neuritis and a cranial nerve palsy that caused intense double vision, I was up, reading on a message board (with one eye closed, so as to only see one of everything), I came across the name of a drug that would forever change my life, has changed the lives of thousands living with all types of immune-mediated illnesses and has the potential to do the same for millions of others.

It’s called Low Dose Naltrexone. Google, Google, Google!

So why haven’t you heard its name? Why isn’t it utterly ubiquitous? 

Well, now, isn’t that the million–or billion, or trillion–dollar question…

to be continued…


 Alicia McGarry’s journalistic endeavors began at The Chicago Tribune before her passion for all things Kansas City called her back to her roots. She has written for KC Magazine, The Kansas City Star and LakehomesKC and offers her unique perspective on holistic wellness each month for the readers of Good Health KC.