I’ll Have What He’s Having: Little Freshie

On the second day of what turned out to be a 10-day stretch of triple-digit temperatures, my friend and I stumbled upon Little Freshie, a narrow café wedged between Blue Bird Bistro and Füd on 17th Street. It’s new, opened in May. It’s tidy and bright, with white subway tile, a stamped tin ceiling and a small wrap-around counter that seats about half a dozen.


Little Freshie serves coffee and sweets, like cookies and macarons. But what caught our attention was a sidewalk sandwich board chalked with the words “Shaved Ice” ($3). What we found inside was an unexpectedly eclectic list of flavors, like Watermelon-Basil, Sugar Snap Pea and Mint, and Ginger-Mango. I made my own by combining Mexican Espresso, (spicy with dried chile pepper) and Coconut-Curry, with one flavor on either side of a dome of ice. I highly recommend it.

It’s summer. Treat yourself.