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Entertaining Made Lovely: Paint-inspired party garland



Amp up your next party with this colorful, easy twist on traditional garland



There are so any fun party garland ideas an inspirations out there. Garland can be used as fun party décor or even as whimsical home décor.

Recently my friend, Alex Gray and I worked together to decorate a surprise engagement party for our friends Lizzie and Rusty. Lizzie loves the color combination turquoise and coral, so we used that as a theme to start with.
Alex was in charge of the  tissue paper poms and some fun coral and turquoise garland and I handled the cupcake toppers and some paper pinwheels. Between the two of us, we pulled off a successfully decorated party.

Alex’s garland turned out beautifully, so I wanted to share her easy step-by-step directions with you (I will show you how I made the paper pinwheels in a future post, so stay tuned).

Here is what you will need to make your own paint-sample garland:

+10-20 paint sample squares in preferred color #1
+10-20 paint sample squares in preferred color #2
+Paper cutter or an exacto knife/ruler/cutting mat
+Hot glue gun
+Twine or yard


1. Collect your supplies. I suggest picking up paint samples at your local Westlake Ace Hardware or Elements of Green (downtown). Home Depot or Hobby Lobby also have good paint samples.


2. With a paper cutter (or an X-acto knife and ruler), cut vertical strips of the paint samples (approximately 1-inch to 1 1/2-inch in width). 


3. Hot glue each paper strip to the twine.

4. Continue to evenly hot glue each paper strip until you get to your desired length  (You can alternate colors or do solid color options like the example).
You can leave the ends flat or cut a “v” shape out of them with scissors  (like the example).

5. Hang your banner(s) above your cupcakes, dessert table or gift table for a fun, unexpected pop of whimsy and color.

6. Using scotch tape or tying the twine to a fixed object, you can hang the garland separately or alternating in a doorway or gift table to create more length.

If you wish to use something other than paint samples, you can buy pretty paper from Paper Source on the plaza and use that instead…the possibilities  are endless.

PS. The newly engaged couple loved the decor and had a blast at their engagement party!
Congratulations Lizzie & Rusty!


 Audrey Kuether is the creative force behind Oh So Lovely, a Kansas City-based graphic design, photography and event planning company. She specializes in wedding design, photography and styling and planning. She lends her entertaining expertise every month for KC Magazine‘s Web-only “Entertaining Made Lovely” blog.