Scott Tucker – Kansas City Celebrity

Scott Tucker - Kansas City Celebrity and Auto Racing Genius

Although most famous for its steak, barbecue, and jazz music, Kansas City is also a town that boasts a fair share of celebrities from all fields of the arts, entertainment, and professional sports worlds. Kansas City has been the hometown to many stars of the stage and screen, as well as numerous artists and sports legends. And of those who gladly call Kansas City their hometown, one of the more notable residents is Level 5 Motorsports racecar driver, and five-time national champion, Scott Tucker.

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Scott Tucker is a five-time national sports car racing champion, as well as a private investor with global business interests. Although his remarkable racing career only dates back to 2006, Scott Tucker has made international racing history with his elite racing team, Level 5 Motorsports. He has earned more than 100 podium finishes, 70 victories, and five national championships. As owner and driver for Level 5 Motorsports, he has had podium finishes at every major endurance race – including the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 24 Hours of Daytona. He’s also the envy of auto aficionados everywhere as one of Ferrari’s next generation supercar test drivers.

In a sport where wins are practically dominated by seasoned drivers in their thirties, fifty-year-old Scott Tucker is no stranger to top competition. A study of auto racing winners and their respective ages showed that drivers in their mid-thirties are top challengers – with a majority of total victories on the track going to their age group. Scott Tucker, who began his racing career in 2006, is a relative newcomer to the sport but has won championships with Ferrari, Porsche, and Honda. He has excelled in auto racing on tough courses around the world because he is both passionate for and driven toward challenges that require great physical, mental, and intellectual endurance.

Scott Tucker’s skilled and disciplined moves on the racetrack are helping him to become one of the most successful endurance racing drivers in the country. And as a driver who remains cool and unshaken while running top racing cars at speeds up to 250 mph, he has convinced the racing world that he won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Currently, Scott Tucker is chasing a record of 100 career wins (with 78 already under his belt). The 2012 American Le Mans Series racing season has Level 5 Motorsports, Scott Tucker, and their HPD ARX-03b Le Mans Prototype race car (developed by a subsidiary of the Honda Motor Company) racking up miles in a number of racing events across the nation.

Fans of auto racing and Kansas City sports car racing champion Scott Tucker and his Level 5 Motorsports team can follow all the racing highlights at the website.