Celebrities from Kansas City: Chris Cooper

Cooper’s versatile portrayals of no-nonsense movie characters have us telling the Oscar statuette to pay Cooper another visit. The Kansas City native originally pursued interests in agriculture and drama at the University of Missouri, but after graduation Cooper decided his passions lay with the big screen. After winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for “Adaptation,” Cooper’s follow-up performances in “The Bourne Identity” trilogy and “The Company Men.”

KC has more than its fair share of leading men, sports stars, and arts world pioneers. Jazz saxophonist Bobby Watson has been at the forefront of the international jazz scene for more than 25 years. Eight time major championship winner Tom Watson has been at the top of the golf world for over 35 years, and veteran actor Ed Asner has been performing on stage and screen for even longer.

Interior designer Hal Swanson, sculptor Tom Corbin and photographer Greg Gorman are all famous Kansas City sons who are at the top of their respective fields. Following in the footsteps of Ed Asner are Oscar winning actor Chris Cooper, Brad Pitt, Tuc Watkins and Paul Rudd. Cornerback Brandon Flowers has made a major impression since joining the Kansas City Chiefs in 2008, and is being tipped by football experts to get even better in the next few seasons.