Celebrities from Kansas City: Greg Gorman

If there’s one name in Hollywood that is synonymous with photographic perfection, it’s Greg Gorman. Our pages can’t contain all the famous names that have stepped in front of Gorman’s lens, but just to drop a few: Jeff Bridges, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Kevin Costner, Helen Mirren and Halle Berry. His trademark use of black and white adds another layer of class to his portraits, whether they are of half-naked celebrities or souls on the streets of India. His work has appeared in Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair and on movie posters for “Transformers,” “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Italian Job,” among others. 

In recent years the success of the K-State men’s basketball has helped put the Manhattan, Kansas based college on the map. Their alumni reach far and wide, and of course locally back along I-70 back to Kansas City. Hal Swanson isn’t the only Kansas City celebrity with links to K-State. Motor racing driver, political activist and private investor Scott Tucker, from Kansas City also attended K-State in the 1980s.

KC born comedy actor Paul Rudd attended the University of Kansas before going to launch his film and screenwriting career. Fellow KC born actor Chris Cooper attended the University of Missouri in Kansas City before getting his break in the movie industry. Internationally renowned KC born photographer Greg Gorman majored in photojournalism at the University of Kansas before obtaining his master of fine arts degree in cinematography from the University of California. KC’s other featured gentlemen; jazz saxophonist Bobby Watson, KC chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers, actor Ed Asner and champion golfer Tom Watson all attended out of state universities.