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9 Ways to Get Your Workout In… No Matter What

People would probably guess that making fitness a priority is easy for someone like me, who works in fitness and loves working out. Even though I’m a fitness professional and enthusiast, I have to admit that it’s still a challenge every week to get in all of my workouts.

There are many legitimate excuses as to why it’s hard to fit in a workout. So here are nine ways to get past excuses and get it done, no matter what!

  • Schedule your workouts into your calendar

o     If it’s in your calendar then you’ve scheduled time to do it, and then you no longer have the excuse that you just don’t have time.

  • Set goals and track your progress

o     Working out isn’t always fun. When the going gets tough, remember what it is you’re working for. Write down your goals, and post them in a place where you will see them every day.

  • Take action to prevent excuses you know you will make

o    I know if I don’t work out right after work, I won’t feel like doing it. My energy is the lowest in the evening, and I will be looking for any excuse to just go home and skip the gym. To prevent this, I make sure I have my gym clothes and workout gear with me to avoid having to stop at my house on the way to the gym.

  • Map it out

o     When I have down time before my workout, I like to write out the exercises I plan to do, just like I would for one of my clients. Writing down your workout makes you more committed to doing it and will bring focus to your workout. 

  • Mentally Prepare

o     When desire is lacking, remind yourself of your current goals. I tell myself that if I skip my workout, then I’m basically saying that I don’t care about accomplishing my goals. My goals are always important to me, so that lights a fire in me to get going!

  • 10-minute rule

o     When you’re not feeling like a workout, tell yourself you just have to do 10 minutes. Once you start, you usually feel like doing more. If you’re still not up to it, then 10 minutes at least will be something. Something is always better than nothing! I use the 10-minute rule all the time!

  • Find a workout partner or hire a trainer

o     Having a workout partner means having someone who will keep you accountable. A good workout partner will push you to work harder and will make your workouts more enjoyable. I work out with a trainer twice a week, and I have a workout partner I meet with two other days. This keeps me accountable for at least 4 workouts every week!

  • Make a new playlist

o     If you’re like me, then it’s hard for you to work out without music. It’s also hard to work out when you’ve been listening to the same music for months. I recently made a new playlist, and it has made my workouts so much better. I had the same music on my MP3 player for so long that I was tired of every song on it.

  • Try something new

o     Doing the same workout routine for a long period of time will not only become very boring but also will become ineffective. If your workout is always the same, your body will eventually adapt to it, and your results will be less and less. I like to change up my workout program at least every 12 weeks.

Chad Austin is a certified personal trainer at Excel Wellness Studio. He is part of a team of fitness experts who provide health, fitness and wellness tips exclusively for Good Health KC.