Man Method: A Gentleman’s Guide to Dressing for a Bachelor Party

It’s wedding season, kid!

And your boy is getting married. (Bro-no!) Fortunately, there’s the Bachelor Party to revel in your last moments. Fellas, look your best with these rules:

1.  Wear something you can throw away. At the very least, wear something that can wash out drink spillage, dirt and glitter–just in case. In other words, play it safe and don’t don your latest designer investment. Save your good stuff, and prevent getting caught in the office the next day with a giant stain on your shirt. (Be Bro-fessional!).

2.   Don’t be like everybody else.  Bachelor parties are prime times for testosterone. Resist the urge to throw on a muscle tee, douse yourself in cologne or spike your hair with too much gel. Stand out in good ways (having a thoughtful, detailed look) instead of bad ways (yelling “wooo!” and ordering Jagerbombs).


Bro Fail blog too tan and spiky hairTrendy, maybe. But do you really want to look back at this photo in 20 years? Image via Bro Fail blog.


3.   No novelty anything. No bachelor hats. No shirts that say “Dead Man Walking”. Remember, your buddy invited you to his LAST night as a single man. Don’t pay him back by being THAT guy.  (Quid Bro Quo!)



Do not wear this on a shirt. Image via etsy.


4.   Be appropriate. Think critically about the occasion and dress accordingly. Going golfing? Try light chinos, a polo shirt, and a cigar. Headed to the club? Dark denim, a button-up shirt and maybe a blazer. Skydiving? I suggest an extra set of underwear. And so on and so forth. When in doubt, ask the bachelor.


classy bachelor party at casino

Dress the part. Image via ehow

5.   Appropriateness first, but comfort a close second. An 18-hour bender isn’t going to be very fun when you’re walking in baby steps because you wore too-small skinny jeans.

super skinny tight jeans manThis guy doesn’t seem to be enjoying his skinny jeans. Image is the author’s.

David Lloyd is co-owner of Method Men’s Clothing Boutique, attorney, college professor, swag enthusiast and This Is KC’s men’s fashion expert. His style influences: Gordon Gekko suits, Carlton Banks, the jazz era, bow ties.