Man Method: Fundamentals

You’re a man. You should dress like one. Simple as that. 

The Sartorialist stylist George CortinaA man dressing like a man, from Line Change courtesy of The Sartorialist.

Dressing like a man doesn’t mean dressing like your old man. Let me break it down to you. Here’s how to graduate your style:

  • It’s more important to be put together all of the time than to be really, really good looking some of the time. Consistency, my friend.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Derrick ZoolanderNot everyone can be really, really, ridiculously good looking and
do so consistently like Zoolander, courtesy of Examiner.

  • Half of style is fit, and the other half is confidence. Money has little to do with it. Style is like love. Yes, money can buy it. But if that’s all that goes into it, it won’t feel as genuine. 
  • When you’re older than 30, you are prohibited from wearing: skinny jeans, Abercrombie, sleeveless shirts or flip-flops (apologies, President Obama).

President Obama wears flip flopsPresident Obama’s executive toe thongs, from the New York Post

  • Guys, in general, stay away from: skinny jeans, shirts with skulls or wings on them, popped collars, sunglasses at night, spray tans or deep v-necks. 
  • When in doubt, wear a suit. Ask women what their favorite look is on a man, and they’ll say one thing (in unison): a suit. It’s classic, classy and goes down smoother than a Smokin Choke at Manifesto. Plus, you just feel better in a suit.
  • Proper fit is one of the easiest ways to look polished. Too tight is just wrong. Too loose and you’ll look like the kid Tom Hanks in Big. Do yourself a favor and spend $50 bucks tailoring the $500-plus suit you just bought. If it fits funky, you won’t ever wear it. Your suit should be your go-to move. Take care of it.
  • Take it easy on the jewelry. Anything more than a watch, sunglasses, and the occasional set of bricks (earrings) is getting into risky territory. Gold chain? Coolness. Choker chain? Creepers. The jury’s still out on bracelets. And rings come in two categories: 1) wedding ring (says: I’m married); 2) pinky ring (says: I’m scary).

Daintily  lifting a pinky finger has never been so scary.
Photo from Things I Want to Punch in the Face blog.



David Lloyd is co-owner of Method Men’s Clothing Boutique, attorney, college professor, swag enthusiast and KC Magazine‘s men’s fashion expert. His style influences: Gordon Gekko suits, Carlton Banks, the jazz era, bow ties.