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Even for obese Kansas City, fitness is within reach

It’s 5:45am on a quiet Saturday morning in Overland Park as I’m driving to Excel Wellness Studio, downing my coffee and contemplating today’s agenda and fitness in Kansas City. I find it ironic that in a city that ranks close to the top of the nation’s obesity rates, I’m heading to train two highly dedicated figure competitors before the crack of dawn.

It’s confusing out there. No wonder people throw in the towel and give up on fitness all for the lure of a juicy burger or some Gates. People are confused, and rightly so: There is always a new diet, gimmick, pill, piece of equipment or a trainer that claims they can finally get you the results you want. Trust me, I understand firsthand. It’s hard work to be fit, but believe me, it can feel so good!

Four years ago, I opened the doors to Excel Wellness Studio. Kansas City needed a facility that would bring a sense of community and connect them to trainers that could truly be trusted and were educated to the highest standards in our industry. Community and connection—I hope that’s what I and Team Excel personal trainers can bring you in this blog.

Back to my first point about obesity in Kansas City: We are a large population of non-exercisers in the Midwest, and I hope to help change that! I feel it’s very important to introduce people to fitness on their level and help them on their journey. You might not be ready to do a figure show, but I bet we can find something that you think is fun to make you a bit more fit and energetic or to help you reach that lifelong goal of running a 5K.

Fitness is an important component to wellbeing, stress reduction, energy levels and your daily life. We all know we need to work out and eat better, but I believe we all need direction and accountability as well.

Fitness and nutrition doesn’t have to be a mystery or a shot in the dark, and it also doesn’t have to take hours and hours that you don’t have. Fitness can be fun, fast and effective. Feel like you should be able to do all of this on your own? Not necessarily—everyone needs a positive coach and some good tips or guidelines to follow, even me and my trainers at Excel.

Over the course of this blog, you will get to know some of the Excel training staff as we all take a turn sharing an assortment of our top fitness tips—tips for the mom on the go, the busy professional and workouts that can be done anywhere with little to no equipment. We’ll also include healthy eating tips, the best ways to train for 5Ks and so much more. We hope to inspire, motivate and get Kansas City moving!


  Jill Stoppel has been involved in the fitness industry since 2009 and has been personal training full-time since 2002. She is the sole owner of Excel Wellness Studio, is certified through the American Council of Exercise and holds several certifications in group exercise, spinning and kickboxing. She also maintains memberships, affiliations and mentorships within the major health and fitness organizations in the nation to stay connected to other top professionals. She and her team offer fitness advice to Kansas Citians exclusively for KCMag.com.