Man Method: Emulate soccer’s dressy style

The Sporting KC are just killing it. Absolutely filthy. They’re a wonderful team! (Tobias voice, for all you “Arrested Development” fans) And that’s just off the field. Lately, soccer has been recognized as the world’s best-dressed sport. The fashion world has taken notice. You should too.

Sporting KC’s Teal Bunbury, from KC Magazine‘s June 2011 issue

For as long as I can remember, fashion and sports have gone together like peanut butter and jelly; swing-dancing and my list of things I won’t ever do in public; Winstead’s and a hangover. Sports can be a major influence on style—just look at sneakers, hoodies and hats.

This spring, take your style cues from soccer and kick it up a notch. No sport, not even the NBA with its mandated dress code, can match soccer’s dressy, detailed and witty style. It delicately mixes tradition, history and an understated classical style with soccer.

From club crests to rep ties, bright cardigans to those ridiculous cool scarves, no sport has been more influential on our everyday style than soccer. Even the uniforms have collars. Check out the Louis Vuitton campaign starring Pele, or the Dolce & Gabbana partnership with AC Milan (below).

Photo from Dolce and Gabbana

Photo courtesy of China Daily

Pep Guardiola, coach of FC Barcelona (below, left), is dark-suited and booted 24/7 it seems. With his three-piece suit, English collar and skinny tie, he looks more MI6 than Bill Belicheck (right).

Bill Bellichick hoodie


Or peep KC Sporting coach Peter Vermes (right) looking dapper at this year’s draft. KC hasn’t seen a more fly coach since Chiefs legend Hank Stram

Want to up your game?  Soccer’s thoughtful, polished sense of style can and should be emulated by all of us on and off the field.  Sportswear has never been so stylish.

Photos above: Pep Guardiola by LLuis Gene/AFP/Getty Images. Bill Belichick from Peter Vermes from Getty Images


David Lloyd is co-owner of Method Men’s Clothing Boutique, attorney, college professor, swag enthusiast and KC Magazine‘s men’s fashion expert blogger. His style influences: Gordon Gekko suits, Carlton Banks, the jazz era, bow ties.